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Researching an LP guidebook: Travel ‘n Talk

March 12, 2009

5th edition

5th edition

It has taken months of same-subject dinner conversations. But husband @luefkens (he is the digital media guru @davos) has finally convinced me. For my 6th edition of Lonely Planet’s Provence & the Côte d’Azur (I wrote the 1st in 1998), I am going the full social-media hog.


Using this blog, Twitter and a spanking new Facebook page I have just created (become a fan!), I hope to get a conversation going with anyone and everyone who has something to say on the region I’m researching: a budget shack to die for, a beach bar that’s the biz, what’s up at E-1027, racy screenings at La Friche, bike routes, lighthouse art showings, organic cuisine on a bull farm … I’m indiscriminative.


I’ll regularly post where I am in Provence, what I am looking for, what fun stuff I’ve found (all those gems I just can’t squeeze into the book), and see what happens. I’ll post in French to catch the local crowd and in Marseille I might just try a Tweetup.


Twitravel with @tripalong: send me tips on Twitter

Twitravel with @tripalong: talk to me on Twitter

As part of my pre-trip research and planning – minimum two desk-heavy weeks aka now – I quiz everyone I know in the region on what’s happening, what’s new, what’s not. On the road I travel intensely: I visit everything, I walk to the end of most streets, I work long and hard and I grill pretty much everyone I meet … in the most charming of manners bien sûr – an English gal speaking French is 99.99% foolproof.

Yet the more conversations I have pre-trip, the more leads I glean, the more potential discoveries I can make in situ. With social media’s gargantuan, eager-to-share and often well-informed audience, it would be churlish not to ask. 

I leave for Provence on 22 March 2009. First leg: St-Tropez area.




Paris Tweet

February 18, 2009

I’ve started tweeting, prompted by The Guardian’s Benji Lanyado who hopped on the Eurostar to Paris with no more than the Twitter community in his hand as guidebook. I say no more. During his two days in the capital the travel writer was swamped with tweets from Paris-savvy microbloggers recommending everything from insider museums and art galleries to cafés, bistros and a Montmartre restaurant from @MsMarmiteLover with a fabulous history and fabulously rude waiters. Being something of an old-fashioned girl with a dozen-plus traditional guidebooks under my belt and a contact book bursting with more Paris addresses than I could ever fit in Lonely Planet’s travel guide to said city, I had to chip in.


For the ethical guidebook writer whose holy trinity is something along the lines of walk to the end of every street, leave no stone unturned and converse with everyone until you’re blue in the face, Twitter is a no-brainer. Be it as a pre-trip research and planning tool or immediate line to the world while on the road, it is essential guidebook-research kit.


‘Travel gold’ Benji wrote of the top three tips he was sent, one of which I hasten to add without sounding too smug was mine @tripalong. How I found Galerie Pièce Unique, a gem of a contemporary art gallery in St-Germain des Prés that exhibits just one unique work at any given time? By walking up, down and around street after street after street in left-bank Paris for days and days and days…