A Timeless Lunch

August 5, 2009

So my table reservation for 12 – six adults, six kids – is confirmed for Saturday. And with what relish I am looking forward to it, all the more so because I will lunch on the exact same meal I savoured so smugly last year when researching Lonely Planet’s Languedoc-Roussillon guide. This is where the unique charm of Château de Jau kicks in. I mean, where else in the world can you dine so memorably – think dining al fresco between 18th-century stone and pea-green vine with tasting notes to accompany each wine – and, return years later, to same said chateau to relive same said meal all over again. This address has been a faithful lunch date for returning Languedoc-Roussillon lovers since the 1970s.

Château de Jau by ulterior epicureI also love Château de Jau’s creative fusion of dead-contemporary art and timeless tradition. As with any self-respecting French restaurant, it serves its Côtes du Roussillon and Muscat de Rivesaltes wines by the bottle and carafe, the latter in this case being endearingly dubbed ‘le jaja de Jau’ and stamped with a unique Ben squiggle designed for this wine-making chateau by the self-same New Realist artist, born 500km-odd along the Mediterranean coast in Nice.


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