Hotel Everland, Paris

March 11, 2009




Today is one of the last days to bid for a bed in Paris’ most unique hotel:

  • No guest is allowed to stay more than one night.
  • It sits on the roof of Palais de Toyko, near the Trocadéro in the 16e arrondissement.
  • Fly with the birds: Everland is one room, sky high, glass-fronted and curtain-less to explose full frontal of soul-soaring Paris panorama.
  • Become art: the pea-green box is a piece of interactive art created in 2002 by Swiss artists L/B aka Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. Guests are ‘an integral part of their project’.
  • Retro romance: flop on lime sofa, spin 1980s vinyl on the turntable and wallow in Eiffel Tower views otherwise exclusive to Parisian pigeons.

Oh to have $1000! The last available nights in Paris are now being auctioned on ebay (Hotel Everland moves end of April 2009): Auction today for nights of 23 & 24 April, 17 March for 25 & 28 April, 22 March for 29 April and 27 March for 30 April.


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